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FAQs for Driving Range Facilities

1. What is TrackTee and why should I install them at my range?
TrackTee is a revolutionary driving range bay divider that was designed to increase customer satisfaction and driving range revenue. It accomplishes this by using our proprietary Doppler radar technology to track and display the distance and speed of each ball in an easy to understand format. This gives golfers instant feedback of the results of each swing and creates a new interactive experience that golfers enjoy. It also provides a new revenue potential through advertising on the printable ad panels managed by TrackTee Media.

2. How long has the TrackTee been in use at driving ranges?
The TrackTee divider was designed and proto-types were completed in mid 2010. After extensive real world testing and countless hours of additional development, TrackTee is now available for range installations throughout the world.

3. How does TrackTee work and is it accurate?
TrackTee uses advanced Doppler radar tracking technology to track and calculate the distance and speed of the golf ball. It does this by gathering over 100,000 data points per second of ball flight, and then using a proprietary formula calculates the results. The combination of Doppler technology and advanced algorithms creates a very accurate simulated ball flight path and final measurement within 2% accuracy.

4. Will it work with any ball and club type?
One of the big advantages of using Doppler technology to track the ball is its ability to do so with very few limitations. It will track any type of ball hit with any type of club within the 20-420 yard range. This means the only limitation is if you are using a sand wedge and only hitting the ball a few yards. The radar is looking for additional ball flight data and unable to make an accurate measurement with such a short shot.

5. Does the ball have to be placed in a certain spot to work?
To get the best overall accuracy the ball should be placed 16” away from the divider and 12” back from the front. However the unit will track the ball when outside those areas. There is a logo marker on the bottom of the unit to show the best location to line the ball up with. Keeping the ball in that general area will produce the most accurate data.

6. Will it work if I aim left or right away from the unit?
To get the best overall accuracy the ball should be hit parallel to the TrackTee so that the ball is traveling around the center of the radar field. Aiming severely left or right may keep the unit from seeing the ball and therefore will not get a result. Keeping the ball in a 45 degree area in from of the unit will provide the best results.

7. What type of data can TrackTee display?
Track Tee can be set to display the following data depending on the owner’s location and preference. Settings are preset during assembly and shipped with the matching printed overlay.

7. What type of data can TrackTee display?
Track Tee can be set to display the following data depending on the owner’s location and preference. Settings are preset during assembly and shipped with the matching printed overlay.
Total Yards / Ball Speed in MPH
Carry Yards / Ball Speed in MPH
Total Meters / Ball Speed in KPH
Carry Meters / Ball Speed in KPH

8. How do I get units installed at my driving range and who installs them?
TrackTee is marketed and sold through a network of authorized distributors and installers. Please contact TrackTee to review your project and find an installer / distributor in your area. TrackTee is easy to install and wire, a range owner can install the units himself and save the cost associated with having an install person perform the job. TrackTee will provide detailed installation information and supply all the necessary electrical and mounting hardware needed for installation. A standard 30+ bay range can be installed in 1 day making a drastic range upgrade possible in a very short time.

9. Where can TrackTee dividers be installed?
TrackTee was designed to be installed in covered and non-covered ranges. So if you have the ability to run a low voltage power wire (similar to landscape lighting) then you can install TrackTee bay dividers. They can be bolted to concrete or spiked into a grass hitting area. You will need to install left hand units in the bays designed for left hand golfers since the screen needs to be on the side the golfer faces. Other than electrical requirements and bay orientation there are no limitations on how or where they can be installed.

10. As a driving range owner how do I benefit from participating with TrackTee Media?
As a participating golf range, you benefit from an additional revenue stream from advertising, placed by third-party reputable companies. You also get the competitive advantage of having ball flight monitors installed in each bay. This gives golfers the incentive to come to a range equipped with TrackTee dividers.

11. What types of ads will be placed at my range facility?
Generally, they are from larger corporate sponsors; we only work with reputable companies and screen each ad carefully to ensure they are appropriate and tastefully done.
Some examples of advertising partners are:
» Equipment manufacturers
» Golf training aids and instruction
» Auto dealerships
» Insurance companies
» Financial service providers
We make sure that ads are simple and visually appealing so they do not distract the golfer.

12. How does the TrackTee Media advertising program work?
TrackTee Media engages advertisers who wish to target the golfing community. Advertisers are then matched with ranges that meet their geographic and demographic requirements. TrackTee Media will produce the advertising graphics and send them to the range facilities for installation.

13. What is the potential additional revenue to our driving range?
TrackTee Media pays the driving ranges a percentage of the gross revenue earned from ad sponsors which is paid on a monthly basis. The percentage paid varies depending on range location and initial costs associated with installation of the TrackTee units and agreed upon revenue share percentage.

14. How often do the advertisements change?
Sponsorships of TrackTee ads are typically a one year commitment or more. However if the sponsor wants to change the ad panels every quarter they will have the option to do that at additional costs to them for the ad panels and printing.

15. What are the responsibilities of the participating golf facility?
The responsibilities of the participating golf facilities are to ensure maintenance of the advertisements and proper operation of the TrackTee units. The advertising panels are designed to withstand normal wear and tear, but may require replacement from time-to-time from incidental damage. TrackTee Media will promptly handle any damaged units or ads when notified.

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